Kervan Baklava, a flavor brand within Troya Global; It is a cultural bridge that brings together the palace desserts, which are the legacy of the Ottoman Empire, with the world.

We have been serving in the bakery products seller for three generations. We produce bakery products with a wide range of products under the Francala Bakery brand. We are the solution partner of the hotel, restaurant, cafeteria (HORECA) industries.

We recommend you to visit our website to review our full range of bakery products. www.francala.com

We are aware of the fact that we have a great gastronomic heritage due to our location in the Eurasian geography, and we are proud to present our customers with the most delicious form of baklava and kadayıf, a heritage of taste, with the Kervan Baklava brand.

We offer our imperial heritage products to our customers in the global market with our understanding of quality service.

Our Mission

The mission of Kervan Baklava is to produce this internationally renowned unique cultural heritage flavor in the highest quality and to offer it to our customers.

our vision

It is the aim and vision of Kervan Baklava to present the imperial dessert baklava, which has conquered the cuisines of many empires and settled at the top of the cuisine, to the world at high quality.

Our Awards

Kervan Baklava is a premium flavor brand that produces traditional flavors with quality, natural and additive-free raw materials.