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Baklava, which is the taste of the tables in many different cultures and countries, is one of our traditional tastes that has spread all over the world since it was registered as a Turkish dessert. This traditional dessert, whose content varies according to different regions; It is made with walnuts, hazelnuts, sesame and even cream, but pistachio baklava is the most preferred and most popular among the baklava varieties.

Baklava is a dessert that requires experience. Baklava is made using forty layers of thin phyllo. This phyllo dough is made by using special hard wheat flour for baklava and special wheat starch. Gaziantep’s best and best quality fresh pistachios are selected and chopped and placed between baklava yufkas greased with every layer of butter, butter is poured on it and cooked in the oven until golden brown.


When it comes to Turkish traditional desserts, the first thing that comes to mind is baklava and kadayif. After baklava, which is a registered Turkish dessert, another most preferred flavor in this geography is kadayif dessert. In this traditional dessert, the content of which varies according to different regions; walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts are used. Kadayif dessert is made from wire kadayif dough. Wire kadayif is obtained by cooking the dough prepared with water and flour by turning it into fine fibers. The common point of all desserts made with kadayif is that they are served with sherbet.

The most popular version of tel kadayif is perhaps the pistachio kadayif dessert. Making wire kadayif with pistachio, which is the most delicious and special form of kadayif, is a dessert that requires experience. Layers are formed in the form of a layer of wire kadayif and a layer of pistachios, and it is baked in the oven by pouring butter on it. Kadayif with pistachio, which is fried all over the place during the cooking stage, is flavored with a specially prepared sherbet.

Baklava is a gourmet delicacy that has a geographical indication and is included in international gastronomy lists.

Kervan Baklava

What do you think was the most delicious dessert in the imperial palaces?

What was the most special dessert of Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great, Caesar, Mehmet the Conqueror in the palaces of all great emperors?

Certainly; BAKLAVA !

Well, have you tasted the emperor dessert baklava? If you haven’t tasted it, know that; This is a very big deficiency in your life. And we will fix this deficiency for you, we will introduce you to the dessert of emperors. Because you have the right to taste this historical taste.

Baklava is a delicacy that is on the list of things to do in life.

Baklava is the peak dessert of the imperial geography. It is a dessert originating from Mongolian culture in Central Asia. It has completed its development in the Middle East, Anatolia and the Balkans. Baklava gained its current standard in the palace kitchen during the Ottoman Empire in the 1400s. It became the most special dessert of the palace cuisine and became famous all over the world.

On 8 August 2013, it was registered by the EU Commission that baklava is a Turkish dessert.

Although it was a flavor known by almost everyone during the Ottoman Empire, baklava and kadayif were desserts mostly consumed by the high class living in palaces and mansions, but over time, they became desserts that spread all over the world.

Baklava is like magic. A person who tastes this flavor becomes attached to it. It is such an upper segment dessert; Since the Persian, Roman and Ottoman Empires, baklava has been given a very different value in all societies and people have offered baklava as a treat to their guests in their celebrations on their special days. Having baklava on the table; It has been a symbol showing that that day, event or person is special.

If you haven't eaten baklava, which is a gourmet dessert, it is a sad loss for you.


Baklava is made by placing walnuts, pistachios, almonds or hazelnuts between forty thin sheets of 0.1 mm thick dough, frying them and sweetening them with natural sugar syrup. The quality of the raw material used determines the taste of baklava.

The dough used in making baklava is made of special mixture flours and the dough is rolled out to be very thin.

The butter and cream used in making baklava are specially made from a mixture of cow, sheep and goat milk.

The most preferred and most delicious varieties of baklava and kadayif are those made with pistachio.

The taste of baklava, which is made with raw materials belonging to the city of Gaziantep in Turkey, is unique. Especially pistachios grown in this region are very special and this flavor is not found in any other region.

Gaziantep has been declared a city of gastronomy with the decision taken by UNESCO in 2015.

Especially pistachio and butter; Additive-free, natural raw materials used for the products of the Kervan Baklava brand are specially brought from the city of Gaziantep.

The mission of Kervan Baklava is to produce this internationally renowned unique cultural heritage flavor in the highest quality and to offer it to our customers.

It is the aim and vision of Kervan Baklava to present the imperial dessert baklava, which has conquered the cuisines of many empires and settled at the top of the cuisine, to the world at high quality.

Kervan Baklava

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